Reporting and billing

Is publication of the SIX Swiss Exchange indices (SMI Family, SPI Family, SXI Family, Bond Indices, etc.) subject to a fee?  
No, these indices are free of charge (neither a base fee nor an exchange fee applies). However, written confirmation that the indices are being published must be sent to SIX Exfeed. A signed Data Distribution Agreement (DDA) is not necessary.

Is a fee charged for the publication of end-of-day data?  
No, end-of-day data with a delay of 15 minutes is free of charge. A DDA is not required, but written confirmation is (see Question 1).

Is a DDA required in order to receive delayed data (15 minutes)? If so, what does it cost?  
Yes, a DDA is required. No exchange fee applies, but there is a base fee (see price list).

What are exchange fees?  
Exchange fees are fees charged for the use of real-time raw data generated by the relevant market (SIX Swiss Exchange).

What are base fees?  
Base fees are fees that cover the costs of technical connectivity to SIX Exfeed and the related administrative expenses.

How should users of real-time data be reported to SIX Exfeed?  
Reports have to be delivered monthly via the client area of the website.

Are the indices in real time?  

Does a user of level-2 data also have to be reported as a user of level-1 data?  
No, the use of level-2 data includes level-1 data.

Does a member user uf MAPI data who also has other vendors' terminals have to be reported to SIX Exfeed?  
No, a member does not have to pay any exchange fees to SIX Exfeed if it already pays for other vendor's terminals.

Should you have any further questions, please do not hesistate to contact us.